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Learn the Latest Global LNG Trends with LNGCON 2022

Learn the Latest Global LNG Trends with LNGCON 2022
diciembre 14
11:13 2021

The next edition of the International LNG Congress (LNGCON 2022) takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany on March 28-30, 2022.


Covering the whole LNG value chain, the Congress brings together decision makers of the industry to tackle the most relevant issues such as the role of LNG in the transition
towards zero-carbon shipping.

In line with the current LNG industry situation, the business program of the Congress comprises the most compelling topics of both technical and business nature:

– Post-COVID LNG industry: the new normal;
– Demand and supply tendencies 2022;
– LNG Bunkering in light of IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap;
– LNG usage as fuel for trucks and fleet;
– LNG challenging pipelines supply;
– New technologies in LNG plants optimization;
– Green standards and new initiatives.

Request the full business program for more information.

Industry overview is brought to more than 450 delegates through executive panel discussions, topical sessions and exhibitions. The opening and closing panel discussions gather the most senior representatives of the industry from different regions with job titles such as deputy head of international business development, COO, CFO, senior LNG analyst, senior law officer, providing an opportunity to get insights from the global perspective.

The topics addressed by the panelists include the place of LNG in the oil&gas industry, the most significant challenges the LNG industry is to face in the near future, LNG price formation and optimization as well as difference in price quotations in different regions: Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East. Companies like SST Group, Enagas, Novatek, bp, FLUOR, Reganosa and other big players of LNG-chain are already among the participants.

Visit the Congress website to learn more.

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