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Discussing LNG market trends at LNGCON 2023

Discussing LNG market trends at LNGCON 2023
febrero 17
09:52 2023

The closed-door International LNG Congress 2023 assembles top-level management and technical representatives of the LNG industry to discuss prevailing questions and present innovative solutions in Dusseldorf, Germany on March, 6-7, 2023.

Over years, the positive effects – fewer carbon emissions and cost reduction – have proven the usage of LNG. Although the industry went far away those years, only now most of the countries are applying LNG technologies and expanding their LNG terminals. Besides, every year conditions for the LNG market change, so companies constantly face new challenges and try to adapt to fast-changing reality.

Thus, on the LNG industry agenda today are the questions on how to automate processes, how to increase supplies around the world, and how to reduce pollution by using innovative approaches.

That is why the 9th International LNG Congress (LNGCON 2023) gathers directors and experts of the whole LNG chain to share their case-studies and experiences to come together to find the best solutions.

The agenda of the Congress highlights up-to-date industry trends, included:
● automation and digitalization strategies on LNG projects,
● European expansion of small-scale LNG,
● LNG as an alternative to hydrogen,
● current ways of usage of Bio-LNG and Synthetic LNG,
● jettyless and floating terminals.

These topics are to be covered by Naturgy, Enagas, Eni, Total, Engie, and Wood and other LNG experts at the Congress.

The 9th International LNG Congress 2023 has a closed door format. Such format provides its participants with an opportunity to network only with top management and key technical representatives of the LNG industry. Moreover, the agenda of the Congress covers both business and technical topics that are presented on a strategic panel, roundtables and panel discussions.

Join the LNG leaders: https://sh.bgs.group/fb

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